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A Great Unit
I bought my Ritello a couple of years ago in San Juan. This system got so much power suction. My favorite is to add the Ritello Fragrances and Eucalyptus oil and the whole house fills up with a great aroma while am cleaning.
— Camilio Mendez, 21 Jun 2018
I use it all the time to purify and aromatize the Air when am cooking, especially fish, garlic, onions. It is amazing, I run it on low speed “AIR” and instantly the bad smell goes away. Am allergic, and since I’ve been using the Ritello my allergies have literally disappeared.
— Ranita Speers, 14 Jun 2018
No More Buying Bags…Simply Water
I LOVE my Ritello! It’s the vital answer for my pet hair, and dust-mites. I simply clean and throw away the water when am done. I highly recommend it.
— Peggy Thomas, 25 Mai 2018
A new one
We used to clean with a conventional vacuum. We purchased our first Ritello nearly 10 years ago, but when we saw the new series, we couldn’t resist from getting this new one. We gave our old R1 to our daughter. We are retired people and love to feel that our Air Quality at home is super fresh.
— Evelyn T., 04 Abr 2018
Love It
I bought the R2, Renaissance Ritello about 2 years ago when we welcomed our third child. We loved the cleaning ability and all the features it offered. We use the Ritello several times a week, even our grown up children do. Using the water to trap the dust and dirt is simply a dazzling idea.
— Mateus Radacki, 18 Março 2018
Exceeded my expectations!
After using a vacuum cleaner with a water-based filtration system, I will never be able to understand why all vacuum cleaners aren’t water based. It’s great for cleaning all surfaces, carpets, mattresses and tight areas in addition the accessories are beautifully made. The Suction Power on the Ritello R2 – Renaissance series is impeccable. I purchased it in Singapore and now moved it with me to Malaysia….can’t live without it.
— Romina Affendi, 16 Fev 2018
Great Air Purifier
We are both very satisfied and have already used the Ritello extensively. It all worked out great and the nicest thing is that my wife, who fights very strongly with allergies and always has to take medication, since last month she didn’t have to take anything. There is nothing more to say about that. We have the impression that something has changed – the air is cleaner, it’s great. We put the Air Wash Timer on and it shuts off by itself after 30 minutes. A wonderful & practical idea. Thumbs Up.
— Peter Cernan, 07 Jan 2018
Very Satisfied
Since we have been using the Ritello Air and Room Cleaning System, our home has become substantially cleaner. We are very satisfied with the machine.
— Victoria C., 21 Dez 2017
Perfect Service
When I needed supplies and service, I found my local distributor to be very courteous and very fast at supporting me. I love this system and the company and I am very satisfied with the Fantastic customer service! Truly pleased on how my request was handled. The service at this company is truly comforting.
— Tommy Peeters, 24 Nov 2017
Simply Amazing!
Just wanted to reach out and highlight this amazing product when the Ritello was demonstrated, I was disgusted at how dirty our home really was. Now we know everything about the Ritello and we use it as both Air Purifier and a Vacuum cleaner.
— Carolin M., 17 Out 2017
The best of the very best, totally happy!
I’ve had my Ritello R2 with the Powerbrush added to the package for 1 year now (purchased June 2016) a great investment. This is the rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners. I’ll never have to worry about buying a new vacuum every few years (or have to change those awful dust bags!) I love knowing that my entire house including bed mattresses and lounge have been cleaned so thoroughly and better than what any professional can do. My air quality is fantastic and smells so good since I also use it as an air purifier using the gorgeous perfumes that were included in the package unlike other conventional vacuum cleaners out there.
— Summer Lily, 21 Set 2017
Asthma & Allergies
We live in a major city. Both of my kids got Asthma. I was recommended to use a Ritello, since it purifies and cleans using Water. Had the new Ritello, Renaissance Edition for almost 1 year and I can’t express how thankful I am to my cousin who encouraged me to buy one. Since using it both of my kids Asthma and Allergies have literally dropped to 70%, at least they are sleeping better at night. I clean their rooms daily with it.
— Jessica Vondi, 14 Jul 2017
Worth every Penny
Ciao. My Wife loves to clean, especially the Bed Mattresses, so, I help her. First time I used the PowerBrush of this R2-Ritello, I was amazed at how much it can pick up. Every time I clean with it, I see the water pan filled with dirt. I can’t believe that our house was that dirty. Love the Fragrances that come with the Ritello by the way, especially the Pine.
— Luigi Bonelli, 07 Jun 2017

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